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It is my privilege to welcome you all to The Uyir Foundation Website and I would like to thank you for spending your time to get to know us better.

There has always been a thirst in me to help the poor and the underprivileged for many years. I came across three things worthy of attention that made me implement the idea of starting an organization to aid the society in an organized way. First, an article which read that if every person in our country donated their eyes after their death, in a span of 11 days blindness can be eradicated in India . Second, I came across a blind woman living with her two daughters in a small hut. She was running from pillar to post, avoiding bribes, to get an ID card to receive government benefits which they have the right to receive. Finally, the Chennai floods in 2015, which caused large scale disaster and worsened the lives of many people in 24 hours.

I am aware that most of you support the needy directly and also a few of you are looking for people who can help you reach the needy. So, I decided to take the step, the extra effort, to transform lives of people in need and this will be possible only with your support. I strongly feel that it is our responsibility to train the upcoming generations to bring about a tremendous change in our Society and only with your encouragement and support we will be able to take our vision to greater heights.

— C.C.Selin Reubalin