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Education Support

Financial and Educational Material support to needy students
We provide financial support to needy students to make higher education attainable for students pursue their higher studies. We also provide material support to low income and our evening study centre students to motivate them to continue their studies

Setting up Community Development Centres in villages
We set up Community Development Centres in villages to benefit the poor Children, Youth, Women and Specially abled in the community. We conduct Evening Study, Value Education and Skill Development Programs to empower and to effect change within their communities. We actively involve them, build their confidence, bring out their potential to tackle their problems and come up with a solution. Currently we have 7 Community Development Centres in the following villages.

Thalavarampoondi, Kammalampoondi, Kavanurpuduchery ,Olugarai, Karuveppampoondi, Thirupulivanam, Perungoli in Uthiramerur Block, Kanchipuram District.

The following Programs and Initiatives are taken in our Community Development Centres.
Evening Study Centre
Most of our students come from poor and underprivileged section of communities. Students go to government schools and they rarely get proper guidance and a conducive environment to study at home. Poor living condition of the children and alcohol dependence of most of the men folk drove us to take this initiative.

ValuED Program
We value children. Every child in the community is special, cherished, important, loved, cared for and appreciated.

ValuEd = Value + Education

A Child without education is like a bird without wings and education without values is a life without morals and ethics. There are two educations; one should teach how to make a living and the other how to live. The Latter was the driving force for Uyir Foundation to start the ValuEd program. Through this program, the children in the community are taught Value Education in an interesting and a fun filled way.

Skill Development Training
We help Women, Youth and Specially abled people in villages by training them in small scale businesses and income generating activities to increase their household income to reduce malnutrition of their children and improve living conditions. It also helps to enhance their dignity and self-sufficiency. Our income generating projects include making of candles, washing powder, phenol, mushroom cultivation, setting up a small shop etc. We believe it is a practical solution for empowering the women, youth and specially abled in a community.

School Dropout Recovery Initiative
Through this initiative we conduct interactive session with the students in the most backward community and find out the reasons for not going to school and take our steps to put them back to school. We understand that the lack of individual teacher attention and learning challenges of rural students led to poor learning in primary level. When these students go to middle school and beyond, they are unable to cope up and eventually drop out of high school.

‘Kids Read’ Initiative-Providing Educational books
Good education always requires good source of knowledge. Our aim is to introduce children most of them being first generation learners to reading and love for books. Since underprivileged areas have their limitations, we provide books for them to get the touch and feel of it.

‘Toy Library’ Initiative -Providing Educational Toys
Give your kid’s old toys a new life and bring a smile to the less privileged children. You can also donate new ones.

‘I Teach’ Initiative
Teaching is a work of heart. It helps shape life. With this comes great joy and satisfaction. We are in the lookout for volunteers who has the heart to teach underprivileged children, youth, women or specially abled, by passing your knowledge and making them less ignorant. It can range from teaching Rhymes, Basic English, Arts & Crafts, to how to make a living and start up a small business depending on the age group and your area of expertise.

Setting up Community Libraries

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